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Company Profile

Our company, Ambrosia Natural Products is a distinguished name engaged in the process of manufacturing and supplying of best quality natural products like honey and other products from the honey bee. We at Ambrosia Natural Products India Pvt Ltd, know what quality honey means. Not only we are aware of this fact but we also produce and pack high quality honey. We are one of the major exporters from India offering high quality honey to various consumers all across the world. Our 20 years long experience in the field of beekeeping / apiculture itself describes the quality of knowledge in terms of producing top quality honey. Ambrosia was established in 2007 but we started beekeeping in late 90’s and since then we grew from beekeepers to manufacturer exporters of honey.

We as a group are still developing and on regular basis farmers from different parts of country are associating with us whether through seminars or trainings or by getting impressed with our ethical way of working.
We as a group are not only focused on quantity of production but we are also focused towards quality production and the raw honey which we receive for homogenizing is mainly from our own apiaries or from our reliable beekeepers which as a result we get natural honey.

Besides these products we are also engaged in manufacturing and supplying bee extracting tools, equipments and dresses. The types of products that we offer to our clients are Honey, Bee pollen & royal jelly, bee wax & comb foundation, Honey bees, Bee hives, Bee keeping clothing and bee keeping equipments & tools. The bee hives are the manufacturing unit of the honey where it produced its products. These products are then extracted by our team of professionals hygienically. We ensure that the processes followed by our professionals hygienically. We ensure that the processes followed by our professionals are in compliance to the industrial norms being followed all over the world. Our recruited team of professionals are experienced and well trained in this process of extraction. The latest methods and techniques are used to perform the extraction process so that the bees are not hurt and also get the best processed products. As we are also engaged in bee rearing we ensure that the products from the healthy bee hives are extracted. Each honey has a distinct flavor due to the nectar sucked by the honey bee. Our offered products have been appreciated by our clients for its quality. We have a separate cloth and equipment manufacturing unit and team which fabricate the products using the best quality raw materials and advance technology. Each of the product whether it is the honey bee extracted product or the manufactured equipment these are quality tested by food grade testers and other quality testers.

Our Team:
We are backed by team of proficient and meticulous professionals that help us in maintaining the production process of our company and offer our clients the latest and best quality products. Our organization has two teams first being the beekeeping and honey extractor team that maintains the highest level of hygiene while extracting the honey products. The other team is the product manufacturing team which manufactures the tools and equipments which are required for the easy extraction process. To ensure the safety of our beekeepers we also manufacture protective dress which protects them from bee attack. We also have quality testers and packaging team.

Our Infrastructure:
Our spacious and well equipped infrastructure helps us in producing and supplying the products to our clients on time. We have different units for managing organization. Our units comprises of manufacturing unit, bee products cleaning and processing unit, quality testing unit, packaging unit, quality testing lab and warehouse.  The bee products are packed in various volumes to meet the needs of the clients. We deliver the range on time.

Client satisfaction:
Client satisfaction has always been our foremost priority therefore we ensure that our offered range of products are flawless and are in compliance to the industry standards. We also offer customized solutions to the clients and pack the products in volumes as specified by the clients. The clothes and equipments can also be customized as per the client’s needs.

Our training facilities:
We also provide beekeeping training to the farmers and unemployed youth. It is a 5 day training where the youth are given proper exposure and taught on how to extract honey. The training is being given by our professionals and each batch has 25 persons. We give preference to the viii passed persons so that they are able to understand the process better.

Course Outline (give Details of Exposure Visit

  • Bee Keeping – As occupation, as increase in Agriculture Production.
  • Apis melifera Bee Colony

Bee Keeping Equipments :- Bee Box, Honey extractor, Smoker, Bee veil, Bee Knife, Hive Tool, Queen gate, Feeder, Solar wax extractor, Wax sheet etc.

  • Bee Management
  • Bee Deceases
  • Swarm control in Bee colonies
  • Timely extraction of Honey
  • New Queen rearing
  • Seasonally sugar syrup & Pollen method in colonies
  • Migration Benefits to farmers & Bee Keepers
  • Selective Breeding in colonies
  • Care against Pesticides in colonies.
  • Marketing of Honey, Bee colony & other products.
  • Bionomic ability of Project.

Practical Exposure Visit :-

  • Field visit of Bee Keeping & Agriculture
  • Pollination
  • Honey extractor
  • Processing of Honey
  • Wax collection & Processing
  • Method of Per Polish Production
  • Queen Bee & Queen Cells

Our practical and theoretical beekeeping training is of 7 days.

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