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Our company, Ambrosia Natural Products is a distinguished name engaged in the process of manufacturing and supplying of best quality natural products like honey and other products from the honey bee. We at Ambrosia Natural Products India Pvt Ltd, know what quality honey means. Not only we are aware of this fact but we also produce and pack high quality honey. We are one of the major exporters from India offering high quality honey to various consumers all across the world. Our 20 years long experience in the field of beekeeping / apiculture itself describes the quality of knowledge in terms of producing top quality honey. Ambrosia was established in 2007 but we started beekeeping in late 90's and since then we grew from beekeepers to manufacturer exporters of honey.




Honey is a natural product manufactured by the bees in their bee hives.  The flavoring of the natural honey depends on the type of honey bee and the flower nectar it has sucked.

Honey Bees

We are a renowned and trustworthy company offering honey bees manufacturing products which includes Pure Bee Honey and Honey Bee Products.

Bee Hives

We are engaged in the production process of different types of bee hive. The bee hives range that we manufactured has natural feeling and environment to make the honey bees feel comfortable...

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